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Rating System

One of the things I’ve noticed is that other sites that do reviews have a rating scale of some sort. I feel that I may be being remiss in not having one of my own.

The thing is, the whole star rating systems seems tired and outdated. It also doesn’t go well with the whole geek bear theme I have for the site.

Yes, I know. I’m not throwing up the bearded, hairy hotness on your screen at every chance. That isn’t the actual point of this site. There are plenty of tumblr sites that will fulfill the need to drool over a nice hairy bear.

My first idea was woofs. Among us bears, we woof at another bear that we like. On the face of it, it appears like a sound rating system. I would give this movie or game 5 woofs. But, I got to thinking. After one woof, I sound more like a puppy or a dog than a bear. Additionally, it sounds to me like I’m Arsenio Hall. And yes, I recognize that this is a dated reference.

So, I dropped the idea of woofs and posited the problem to my friends. Their suggestions was to use bear claws. I was confused at first. Why would I use a tasty pastry as a rating system? they then pointed out that bears have 5 claws on each paw. So, if follows, I could use a 1-5 bear claw rating. It seemed a bit inelegant to me and felt like it would lead to fisting jokes. Bear claws was a non-starter. It did bring up a nice corollary idea, bear paws. The rating scale would be from 1 paw to 4 paws. I paw would equal okay and four paws would be OMG, full on bar hug!

I know it sounds silly but I like it. Since this is my site, the bear paw rating system it is!

I give this rating system four bear paws! 🙂


Welcome to Geek Bear’s Den!

My name is Rob and I’m the bear behind this endeavor. I’ve previously written for Ideology of Madness and Zero Fortitude. During my tenure with these two sites, I did reviews of books, movies, games, comics, conventions, and some commentary as well. If you swing by these sites, you will have a fair idea about what I like to write about.

My writing is going to continue in this same direction with a definite bear flair from here on in. I will tell you about the movies I’ve loved and hated and whether Channing Tatum shirtless is the only reason to see a given movie. I will also talk about books a have enjoyed and point out when an author gives some spotlight to those of us that don’t necessarily always get shown in media.

I am excited to begin this new journey and hope that you chose to join me on my travels!