Zombies, Run! Fall 2016 Virtual Race

zr-vrI am a runner.

I am not the fastest nor can I run the farthest, but I am still a runner.

One of my favorite apps for running is Zombies, Run! I did a review of the app earlier and you can find it here.

One of the recent trends for runners has been the advent of the virtual race. They allow runners that may be self-conscious about their speed, pacing, or the sheer number of people that show up at 5 and 10K races participate. These races very on the amount of tracking that they provide for your participation and what you receive for the money you put into the event. I was interested in the idea but put off participating until recently.

The note that comes in the race package from Sam Yao.

The note that comes in the race package from Sam Yao.

I love the Zombies, Run! app as it provides and excellent story line mixed with music for any length of run. I saw that they had done two virtual races and saw that both had been well received by the community. When I received the notice on the app about the fall 2016 race, I finally decided to take the leap and give it a try.

The price for the fall 2016 Virtual Race was not prohibitive and is inline with the prices for a normal 5 to 10K run. The basic race was $35 and this gets a runner the race, training missions, access to the race forums, a medal, bib, badge and certificate. The next price point is $55 and includes a tech shirt. The third tier of pricing is $65 and includes a long sleeve pro-spec shirt with zip collar. There are further tiers which allow for multiple race entries at multiple levels. I chose the third tier as I wanted the long sleeve shirt to see what it’s quality was like.

The shirt for the mission.

The shirt for the mission.

I have to say that I am impressed. The forums that they provide for the race are filled with people that are discussing the story line that is running through the game. They are also supportive of each other in their quest to become more physically fit and active. This type of community is an excellent addition to a race as it helps one build up to the race as well as providing a community in which to participate for an activity that is normally done alone.

The first training mission dropped the same day that I received my race packet. I complete the mission before I opened it. The training mission dovetails nicely with the items that you receive in the package and makes the race feel more immersive. I don’t want to spoil it but was cool to open up the envelope and to see the spoils of the training run there before me!

The long sleeve shirt is a of excellent quality. I wore it on a mission one cool evening at it kept me warm for the beginning of the run and did an excellent job of wicking the sweat away after I had been running for a bit. I especially like the thumb holes in the cuffs as they kept my hands warmer and less sweaty to make it easier to access my phone during the run.

I know that they sounds small but it is really helpful.

All in all, I am very impressed with the Zombies, Run! virtual race. What you get for the money is very nice and the sense of community that builds around the race is a great thing that I wish every race had. If you are wanting to try out a virtual race, I have to say that you should give the Zombies, Run! virtual race a try. An excellent story line, wonder props, and a great community that makes it well worth the money.

Four bear paws out of Four for the 2016 Fall Virtual Race from Zombies, Run!

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  1. Tomes says:

    Wow. That sounds like an awesome example of gamification done beautifully.

    And reminds me of meeting you last year at Big Bad Con and the Wolf run! (BBC is coming this weekend!)

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