Grizzly & The Bear Patrol

Grizzly & The Bear Patrol #1

Grizzly & The Bear Patrol #1

One of the things that is near and dear to my hear are superheroes. I remember as a child saving up money to run down to the corner store to buy X-Men, Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, and Dr. Strange off the spin rack. I would run home to sit on the porch and read them and then put them in a box to be re-read at a later date. My collection of table top role playing games includes a large variety of games that allows one to take on the guise of a superhero as well.

The problem with mainstream comics is that you can not find a title that has a gay superhero or a gay superhero that is a bear. Sure, DC has Green Lantern in Earth 2 Society but they have taken him from a major player to a representative of life which renders him being gay a moot point. Also, not a bear.

Luckily the internet has answers to these questions. Grizzly & The Bear Patrol is a web published comic. Unlike other web comics, this isn’t published in a strip fashion but in issues. There are currently 17 issues available for reading on the site and an 18th issue currently in the works.

I love this comic. The art and stories remind me of Wolfman and Perez era Teen Titans with a blend of the humor that could be found in the Legion of Substitute Heroes. One of the characters is a bearish version Color Kid from the Legion of Substitute heroes who happened to be my favorite member of that group. So, I was pretty much sold from issue one.

The first issue introduces the reader to  the denizens of Bruin city and the various heroes that reside there. The title character Grizzly, is very much a Superman analog. We also get to meet Polar Bear, Echo, Red Beard, and Color Cub. These scattered heroes must come together to defeat the fearsome Bear Collector. The following issues provide insight and background to the characters as well as providing new fearsome and campy foes.

The time between issue can be great. The creator of Grizzly & The Bear Patrol does everything by hand this is a labor of love on his part. This is the only down side of the comic to me as I have to wait so long to see the next one.

If you like bears and superheroes, Grizzly & The Bear Patrol is a must visit webcomic. I give it four bear paws out of four rating. Well worth your time to read.

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