Gen Con 2015: Orc Stomp 5K

One of the things that is happening at Gen Con that I wanted to call some special attention to is the Orc Stomp.

The Orc Stomp is a 5K fun run that is held annually at Gen Con and is raising money for the Indianapolis Ronald McDonald House. I am a sponsor for the run this year for three particular reasons.

I am a runner. It is a method of exercise that I am able to do on my own and I can do just about anywhere. I didn’t start running until I was about 100 lbs into my own weight loss and discovered that I actually enjoyed it. After working so hard to make healthy changes in my life, I want to help others make these changes as well. The Orc Stomp is a fun run which means that there is a clock but it doesn’t matter. The whole point of the run is to get gamers up and moving. The Orc Stomp provides a supportive environment for both runners and walkers to come out and get a little exercise amidst all the games we are playing over the four days of Gen Con.

This is something I wholly endorse.

The charity being supported by the Orc Stomp is the Ronald McDonald House. If you have not heard of this charity, it provides housing to family with children that have to spend extended time in the hospital due to health issues. As a child, I was born with a whole host of birth defects and I have heard the stories of my parents having to stay with relatives while I was in the hospital for weeks at a time from 6 months old to a few years. This charity does what it can to make life easier for families that have children in crisis, much like me when I was child. A charity that does this is a good idea and making it easier for them to help even one more family is well worth it.

Finally, the selfish reason.

As a sponsor of the event, I get my site’s logo on the shirt and banner. This is a pretty cool thing to me and well worth it since I get to do those two other things as well. I started this site to put myself out there and talk about the things I enjoy and maybe some commentary as well. I get to show my support for something I can get behind and I get to see my logo on a shirt and banner which pleases me to no end. It is the least important of the three but I own all my reason for supporting the Orc Stomp.

I am looking forward to the run and will have some friends walking the race too. Come up and say hello and maybe join team Geek Bear for the Orc Stomp.


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