Moon Knight No 13: Footprints

MK13One of my favorite books by Marvel is Moon Knight. They have taken a character I enjoyed in my youth and brought him back into the 616 with a vengeance.

Footprints begins the tenure of a creative team which includes one of the powerhouse writers of the industry, Cullen Bunn. His current works include 6th Gun as well as various Deadpool books and creator owned titles. His team is filled out by Ron Ackins on pencils, Dan Brown on color, Travis Lanham on letters, and Tom Palmer, Walden Wong, and Victor Olazaba on Ink. With this new team, I was pleased to hear that they would be returning to the one shot stories with which Moon Knight began this new run. Unlike the those initial issues, these stories will share a thematic background that has been hinted at throughout both teams run on this book, the supernatural.

Footprints opens with Marc Spector picking up the pieces from Khonshu’s horrendous attempt at taking another champion. Spector’s old headquarters were destroyed in this process and he is now ensconced in the a dilapidated hotel. The problem with this new hideout is that it has occupants that are quiet yet insistent. These residents are ghosts who are in need of a champion but unable to communicate in a normal fashion. Khonshu points out that, as his priest, Moon Knight needs to see to his followers and these ghosts are some of his followers.

Bunn does an excellent job of picking up threads that have been laid down in the earlier issues of the books and interweaving them into his story. The dilapidated hotel from the kidnapping story is my favorite touch. The idea of Moon Knight as a priest is something that is well worth exploring. Combine this with a weird ghost hunter sort of vibe and Bunn has taken Moon Knight in a fun new direction that I am enjoying.

Brown and Ackins take the stroy that Bunn has given them and creates a gritty looking cityscape that is reminiscent of the other artists on this title but unique. The use of reds through out to provide shading on things creates a feeling of dread despite the heroic nature of the story that is occurring. The action of the story is handled well and making Moon Knight appear brutal and relentless. There is a page towards the end of the story where Moon Knight is standing, surrounded by ghosts. The red tinting is brought out in stark relief by the ghosts. It is a beautiful page that goes a long way to illustrate what it takes to protect those that can not protect themselves.

I am excited to see what Cullen Bunn brings into the Moon Knight universe. A supernatural angle is something I have always wanted to see in Moon Knight. I am looking forward to seeing how this theme plays out under Bunn’s deft guidance. I can not wait for issue 14!

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